BM # 15   Day 2
Presentation of the food is surely very important,  next comes the food color and texture …but sometimes we might not like any of those and yet the dish is absolutely a hit.I guess I was not happy with the color of this first time tried chutney , but the minute I licked was unbelievable..wonderful aroma of sweet potato blended with the tangy imli and made sweet with turned out absolutely  addictive.I made this to serve with some Kebabs,but the kids  enjoyed this  with crackers.Infact it could be served as a spread got to make and taste this one to believe  as to what I am saying.

1…………large sweet potato
2…………green chillies
½………. inch ginger
1tsp….. cuminseed
2tbsp… jaggery
2tsp….. imli pulp
1tbsp.. fresh coriander
In a mortar pound the green chilly,ginger,cumin seed,salt and boiled / roasted sweet potato.
Add a  little water,jaggery and tamarind pulp, and pound again.
Add some coriander leaves.

Isn’t this a simple one!!..I used roasted sweet potato and this imparted a smoky flavor but using boiled one is equally fine.

This is a chutney which I served in the Awadhi Thaali, 

Sweet Potato Chutney

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