Uttar Pradesh Thali is a thali with a collection of special dishes cooked from this North Indian state, where the main cuisine genre is Awadhi.

The cooking patterns of this state are similar to those of the rest of Northern India. Their food has influences of Kashmiri and Punjabi cuisine. The state is vast and each of its cities has something special to offer. The Dum Pukht Biryanis, the Kebabs, Chaats, Mithais – oh there’s no end to the list of what this state has to offer.


This state has a lot of non-veg dishes, but at the same time, we also have a treasure of Vegetarian dishes. I have cooked an Awadhi Thali, then another Uttar Pradesh Thali which had a completely different set of dishes and now I have yet another thali from this legendary state. The cuisine is rich and there are so many dishes that I need to explore.


Uttar Pradesh Thali


The thought process of this thali started from the book Tiffin by Sonal Ved. My son gave me the book and while going through the recipes, I came across the dish Takey Paise. It immediately took me back to our older generation who used to talk of these. Takey Paise was the name given to the Indian currency in olden times. On reading the recipe I realised it was a Gatte ki Sabzi with slight variation. Soon I shall share the delicious recipe.


Today’s thali is a Flatbread Special with three different Pooris. Beetroot Poori, Spinach Poori and Jeera Poori, which are special to this state. For today I shall be sharing the recipe for Beetroot Poori.


Uttar Pradesh Thali
Let’s check the menu –

Uttar Pradesh Thali



Uttar Pradesh Thali


( deep-fried wheat flour savoury pastry, stuffed with a spicy filling of potatoes and peas )


Uttar Pradesh Thali
Takey Paise
( chickpea flour coin-shaped dumplings, dunked into a yoghurt gravy )
Uttar Pradesh Thali
Chakunder ka Bharta
( beetroot mash, simmered with onions and tomatoes )
Uttar Pradesh Thali
Bhune Aaloo
( a simple yet flavorful potato side dish )
Uttar Pradesh Thali
( peas and lotus seeds cooked in rich and creamy khoya, a real exotic dish )


Uttar Pradesh Thali
( Indian puffed flatbread with beetroot purée seasoned with carom seeds )
Uttar Pradesh Thali
( Indian puffed flatbread seasoned with cumin seeds )
Uttar Pradesh Thali
Paalak Poori
( Indian puffed flatbread with spinach puree, green chillies and ginger )


Uttar Pradesh Thali

Allahabad ki  Tehri
( aromatic basmati rice cooked with a medley of veggies, laced with pure ghee )


( deep-fried stuffed lentil dumplings in creamy, spicy yoghurt)


( chickpea flour and cashew balls with a dash of cardamom )
Gulab ki Thandi Kheer
( chilled milk pudding with Indian roses )
This is one Thali that was very special, I am sure my BM buddies would have guessed the reason…yes this is the thali ( metal plate ) that is our BM #100 souvenir and I simply loved plating it and enjoyed the meal served in it.
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Uttar Pradesh Thali

UttarPradesh Thali is a thali with a collection of special dishes cooked from this North Indian state , where the main cuisine genre is Awadhi .
Course Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine Indian Cuisine


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7 thoughts on “Uttar Pradesh Thali”

  1. Wow Vaishali, the whole thali is simply out of the world! I would love to have all of it now…and yes the thali set is so wonderful. My husband loved it and I said he should use it regularly, though he said I should save it for my clicks. I love how well you have planned your thalis with different flatbreads and this UP thali rock!

  2. Vaishali, it looks like you outdid yourself. 🙂 Somehow among all the thaalis you presented. I like this one the most even if it has fewer dishes than usual. This thaali looks beautiful with the color contrast and the dishes are complimenting each other and sound very delicious. Those pooris were on my mind too and they look colorful.

  3. What a colorful thali Vaishali! Love the colors of the beet poori and I have to tell you that I still have the makhana curry in my bookmark list! Haven’t made it yet though 🙂

  4. Wow this is your second UP thali and you have one Awadh thali also… You are amazing Vaishali. Love your enthusiasm and dedication. A lot to learn. And coming back to this thali, it such colorful with assorted pooris and curries and yeah let’s now forget the dessert as well. Excellent spread.

  5. Delicious and elaborate UP Thali from Awadhi cuisine. all dish looks amazing and love all the three different types of poori.

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