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Week:2, Day :2
Theme: Flavors of India
Dahi Bhalle , yes this is what the ever so popular Dahi vadas are called in North. These are available as chat at the street vendors. You can find these chat walas at every nook and corner and throughout the year. But they are specially made during the festival of Holi. In fact there are different versions of Vadas that are made at this festival of colors. Vadas filled with nuts and spices , soaked in water and laced with curd, are a specialty of Rajasthani’s . I remember mom making these special Vadas which are called Gujiyas. Then we have the Kanji wadas, which are also from Rajasthan. These are made from Moong Daal and then dunked in a nice spicy water which is fermented.
The Dahi Vadas that I have made are the vadas made from urad daal.The Daal is soaked for 6-8 hours and then grinded with ginger and green chilly. The batter for these vadas can be smooth or coarse. It is a personal choice. Some how I like it slightly coarse. To get real soft and spongy dahi vadas you need to beat the batter very well. Once you fry the Vadas, let them come to room temperature , then soak them in warm water with a pinch of hing. They will absorb the water and fluff up. Gently squeeze them, and place them in a serving dish. At this stage lot of people add curd, but I add thin butter milk and then later after about half an hour add nicely whipped curd with salt. Since butter milk is absorbed , the curd remains intact, it does not get thick.
Dahi Bhalle



For vada

1 cup urad daal
2-3 green chilly
A small piece ginger
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

For topping

3 cup whisked curd
1 cup butter milk

Dry spices

Black salt
Yellow chilly powder
Chaat masala


Coriander leaves
Pomegranate peals


Soak the daal for 4-6 hours.
Combine the daal, green chilly, ginger and salt in a mixer and grind to a coarse mixture.
Heat oil.
Beat the batter very well, till fluffy.
Using wet hands make even sized balls and drop them into the hot oil.
Deep fry till golden .
Remove on a kitchen towel.
Let them come to room temperature.
Soak them in water with a pinch of hing.
After about 20 minutes, squeeze out the vadas and place them in a serving dish.
Pour butter milk and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
Just before serving pour chilled curd with salt in it.
Sprinkle the dry spices.
Garnish with coriander leaves and pomegranate pearls.
You could drizzle some sweet tamarind chutney on top.

Dahi Bhalle

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