BM # 39 
Day : 6
State : Delhi 

Today we shall cook from India’s capital city Delhi. Delhi is a city of layers , with its expansion it has practically seven layers, but for most of us it has two layers. Old Delhi and New Delhi. I was born in Old Delhi and grew up in the bustling streets of this unique layer. I was nineteen when we moved into New Delhi.

A little about Old Delhi. It is and always was very crowded with different aromas of food from all nooks and corners.I remember going to school crossing these lanes and even in those early hours we could see the samosas being stuffed, Bedmi pooris being rolled….by the time we would get back from school the scene would completely change. The same shops would be crowded with people eating their lunch of these poori sabji, kachori, tikki chole.…not missing the Gajrela in winters.

I remember after getting off the school bus we had a vendor who sold cucumbers and radish.He would peel them and cut lengthwise and apply chaat masala and drizzle lemon juice.It was a ritual to eat these cucumbers, with the juice running down and messing the white school blouses.Ma would make out immediately, but never said anything……after all cucumbers are so healthy.arent they?

The evening scene was the most interesting on these streets, one could see lots of hawkers selling gol gappas, aaloo chaat, kalmi vada, kanji wadas.Since these streets were really crowded dad never liked the idea of my eating on the streets, so the house boy would get a different street food every day.

After dinner it was matka kulfis and rabari falooda glass not to miss the gulab jamuns…I must say it was a total treat staying in those bustling streets.For those of you who haven’t been to Delhi, must tell you a little about Khari Bowli, this is a wholesale market for spices and dry fruits. Shops are lined up in rows with very narrow streets, one can’t pass by without a few sneezes.We come down to Fatehpuri, where we have the famous Golhatti for Chole kulche and Giani di Hatti for Rabri Falooda Glass.

If you move on further you come to Chandni Chowk. Yes, it’s a kind of celebration in congregation. Chandni Chowk resembles a fair everyday. The streets are lined with halwais (sweet-sellers), namkeenwallahs (sellers of savouries) and paranthewallahs. This is the place for jalebis ..and the popular parathas of the Parathe wali gali fame.(sellers of rich, flaky breads soaked in ghee).You just have to soak in the flavours and delicacies of these streets.This is just one of the Delhi routes that I have picked…oh I could go on and on…but I think I should save some of Delhi for next time.

Today I have made Fruit mei Kulfi. This is kulfi where the fruit is scooped , then filled with kulfi and then frozen.On my last trip to Delhi we went to this place called Kaleva, where they had apple kulfi, mango, shareefa..I was quite fascinated with them and tasted all the varieties.The mango obviously was the best, but since we can’t get them at this time I decided to make from apple and musk melon.I made chocolate kulfi which tasted awesome with theses fruits. You could try other flavors of kulfi and combinations with fruits.

For Kulfi
500 ml full fat milk
1/4 tin condensed milk
2 tbsp cocoa powder
Vanilla essence
Boil milk and reduce it to half.
Add cocoa powder and condensed milk.
Boil for a few minutes , remove from fire and cool.

 Choice of fruits that can be used
Musk melon

Remove the top of the fruit and save it.
Deseed the fruit very carefully.
Pour the cooled kulfi.
Cover with the saved top.
Wrap the fruit in a cling film.
Freeze overnight.

Serving style
Remove the fruit from the deep freeze at least 30 minutes before serving.
Remove the cling film.
Place the fruit on a chopping board and using a sharp knife cut it into quarters.
If you wish you could drizzle your favorite sauce, I drizzled chocolate sauce and some almonds.

Kaleva is a joint in Connaught Place in New Delhi , but besides this the Fruit stuffed kulfi is also available at Kuramal in Bazar Sita Ram of Old Delhi.Here are some of the pics that I captured, excuse the pic quality since they are from a old cell.

Fruit mei Kulfi - Delhi Special

22 thoughts on “Fruit mei Kulfi – Delhi Special”

  1. It feels as if I have literally walked the Delhi streets with you and boy! is my mouth watering!!! You are really lucky to see so much of food in action :-). And btw, I went through all of your Delhi tagged posts for coming up with mine :). Thank you for jotting things down in detail, making it so easy for me to follow 🙂

  2. wow Vaishali, I knew it was going to be wonderful reading your Delhi post, you made sure it was..:)..such a cool idea and trust you to click those pics at the shop, how very cool and fantastic!..

  3. Very well written Vaishali, I truly enjoyed reading this post. Growing up so close to all these eateries must have been a unique experience. The fruit and kulfi is such a cool idea. Must try it this summer. I will be back to browse through the links to your other recipes later.

  4. I was in Chandani chowk and in the Dili ke galli when I read your post. You hav emade the scene come alive with your description! Caho na Dili chalte hai. I want these kulfis there first before I attempt them at home.

  5. Wow Vaishali. You have so many delicious dishes up your sleeve — it is absolutely amazing. This fruit mei kulfi sounds so refreshing and delicious.

  6. It was a wonderful trip down your memory lane. I could visualize you eating those cucumbers and radishes!Thanks for introducing us to such unique recipes Vaishali..

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