While looking for breakfast from Costo Rica, I loved the idea of toasts with fruits. I have tried fruit sandwiches but never a toast. It did sound very interesting, so I decided to try out a toast with fruits. I choose to top the toast with Mango as this is a tropical fruit also it being my favorite. Chocolate is another of my favorite so I decide d to spread half the toast with Nutella, on the other half I sprinkled some cinnamon sugar. I am ot a big fan of cinnamon, but  this cinnamon sugar was not very strong.

The Fruity toast tasted absolutely amazing and as soon as the clicks were over I couldn’t resist finishing it. My niece who saw the pics and not that toast was terribly disappointed, so I had to make it the very next day at breakfast.
There is nothing to the recipe but well this is how I made it…
Any bread , it can be wheat, white or multigrain, toasted
Nutella spread
Fresh mango slice
Cinnamon sugar or vanilla sugar 
Toast the bread .
Spread a generous layer of Nutella on half the toast or may be full.
Place mango slices or any fruit of your choice.
Sprinkle the sugar.
This was a part of The Costa Rican Breakfast that I served for Buffet on the Table.

Fruty Chocolate Toast

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