Gujrati Farsan Platter

Gujarati Farsan Platter is a collective term used for a type of snacks in  Gujarati cuisine. Some of these are fried, while some are steamed. 

For our last Mega Marathon, where Sweets and Snacks was the theme, I posted two weeks of these dry-fried farsans, like Tikha Ganthia, Leelo Chevdo, Tum Tum and many more but for today it’s all about the fresh steamed, low-calorie farsans which are served either for breakfast or as an evening snack. These are very popular amongst the Gujarati families and many a time they make a delicious light dinner. They are also served as a part of the Guajrati Thali. 

I am going to present six platters this week, under the theme Thali and Platter Festival. Today’s Gujarati Farsan Platter is the first one,

For today’s platter, I have picked a variety of steamed snacks. Dhoklas are very popular in Gujarat and we get a big variety of these both as street food and at special farsan shops. Shops definitely have a wider range of these than the street carts. I have picked almost all those varieties but for Khaman and Sandwich Dhoklas. 

Gujrati Farsan Platter

Most of these snacks are served with a special sweet and sour kadhi and green chillies, Chai or tea is a must with any kind of snacks. These steamed snacks are loved by Gujarati’s as well as non-Gujarati’s. We have a new concept where we see vendors, cooking these snacks at home and then bringing them on the streets in big casseroles. Vans or a makeshift stall works best for such vendors. We even have live Dhokla carts, where they steam the Dhoklas and serve piping hot. My hubby and I are great fans of these and many times enjoy them as our Sunday breakfast. The Yellow Dhoklas with Cheese taste wonderful at these carts. 

Ahemdabad has some very famous joints where we get this steamed variety. Swati Snacks, Das Khaman House are on the top of the list, though we have many others at every nook and corner.

Gujrati Farsan Platter

I have picked some of the most common steamed snacks, but the most delicious ones, hope you shall enjoy these. 

So let’s get on to the menu for today’s platter –

Gujarati Farsan Platter

Dudhi na Muthiya
( bottle gourd and spices mixed with whole wheat flour, steamed to make a spiced snack, which gets its crunch from sesame seeds and mustard )

Gujarati Farsan Platter

( melt in the mouth, soft and tender rolls made with besan and buttermilk, tempered with mustard and curry leaves )

( colocasia leaves smeared with besan batter, steamed and tempered. These logs are cut into pieces which make a sweet, spicy and tangy snack . )

Gujarati Farsan Platter

Vateli Dal na Khaman
( chana dal steamed cake, tempered with mustard seeds and served with fried green chillies and sweet and sour kadhi )

White Dhokla 
( urad dal and rice steamed dhoklas, with a dash of pepper and cumin, a delightful snack . )

Gujarati Farsan Platter

Yellow Dhokla
( wholesome and nutritious lentil and rice steamed cake, cut into squares and tempered with mustard and curry leaves ) 

Fried Chillies
Leele Chutney 
Methia Masala


For today I shall be sharing Dudhi na Muthia recipe. The rest of the dishes shall feature in the upcoming months. 

Gujarati Farsan Platter

And here are some more Steamed Gujarati snacks-

Yellow Dhokla with Cheese

Dhokla Sandwich

Stuffed Dhokla with Carrot and Spinach



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Gujrati Farsan Platter

Course Breakfast, Snack, Tea Time
Cuisine Indian Cuisine


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8 thoughts on “Gujarati Farsan Platter”

  1. That is a healthy and nutritious platter of snacks one can enjoy without any guilt or eat as a meal anytime of the day. Patra is made in Karnataka too but that is the one dish somehow I have never made.

  2. That’s one awesome platter you have there Vaishali, all the dishes are looking so droolworthy and I am sure I would love to dig into each of it!..Was this the one you redid today? too good to resist!

  3. Indian snacks are almost always deep fried , so feeling good looking at this healthier platter. I do love deep fried snacks, but no doubt these are better. Wish I could have it right now, it would be so good with the cup of coffee I am having now!

  4. Me and my son loves dhokla but not my husband, so do not make much. But if you give this platter to me, I would not share it with anyone. All my favourite items here…Just wow

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