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Seasonal fruit is always in abundance in our house. If mangoes are in season we always get boxes of them, oranges , sweet limes always come in big sacks. Grapes normally we get a small box but I have noticed that whenever I buy a box of grapes I receive another one from a friend or relative. Normally grape juice is what everyone likes , but whenever there is excess my mind starts to play. 
Grapes is something that should be washed very well. My doctor says that  one should remove all the stalks and wash it thoroughly. After that it should be soaked for a couple of hours , drained and then put in a colander and placed in a frig. So never eat grapes without washing and soaking as they have maximum bacteria around the stalk.

I used this jam and Strawberry jam to make some Basic Jam Sandwiches for Cooking Carnival.

Grape jam 
750 gms black grapes
1/2 apple
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp lemon juice
Wash the grapes thoroughly for a couple of times.
Soak them in water for a few hours, wash them again once.
Put them in a blender and pulse just once.
Do it in two or three batches.
Place these slightly crushed grapes in a deep pan.
Add the apple and let cook till soft.
Remove from fire and let cool.
Using a thick holed serve stain the mixture to get the pulp.
Place it back on the fire and add sugar and lemon juice.
Cook till the mixture starts to leave sides of the pot.
At this time we shall do a plate test.
Plate test
Take a plate and place a tsp of the prepared jam. 
Let it cool.
If the jam has set without the water being separated.

Home made Grape Jam

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  1. Though I get grapes regularly, each time I wash keep thinking if it is enough to remove all the pesticides from the fruit. I usually soak in salt water.

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