Shrikhand is an Indian sweet made of hung curd and is popular in Gujarat as well as Maharashtra. It is a very creamy dessert with simple ingredients like curd and sugar.

It is upto your innovation to decide the flavor of this sweet . The common and the traditional ones are saffron and Cardamon , but if one goes to a Gujju sweet shop you will see a many flavors like fruit flavors,chocolate flavors , shrikhand with nuts. The variety is so large that a Shrikhand lover would be totally confused.
For today I have a traditional Kesar Illaichi Shrikhand which was a part of the Gujarati Thali I prepared for Buffet on the Table.
Serves: 4

Recipe Source : Gujrati Friends


500 gms fresh curd
100 gms sugar
10-15 strands saffron
1 tbsp milk
3-4 Cardamon


Place a cheese cloth over a bowl, the cloth should overhang on sides.
Put the curd on the cheese cloth.
Pull up the sides and tie it loosely.
Place it over a strainer and place the strainer over a bowl.
Place this in the refrigerator overnight.
By morning the water will be discarded.
Remove the thick curd from the cheese cloth into a bowl.
Soak the saffron in milk and crush it with a stone mortar.
Add sugar, saffron and Cardamon powder to the curd.
Mix well with a whisk, till smooth.
Chill and serve garnished with nuts.
The Shrikhand is normally enjoyed with Pooris , but it is also served as a dessert in Thali or a stand alone dessert.


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