While cooking Indonesian meal, I wanted to play very safe with the side dishes. I was doubtful if the family would like stuffed tofu pockets as they are something you need to develop taste for. On my search I landed up at Sanjeev Kapoor’s site and found these Indonesian Potatoes. After reading the recipe of these potatoes I knew we all would relish these. Potatoes are always safe and you can never go wrong with them. The potatoes were fried and seasoned with soy sauce and chilly. Now who can say no to these potatoes, they are absolutely fantastic.

Indonesian Potatoes
4 potatoes, cut into wedges
4-5 spring onions, chopped
1 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
Sugar to taste
Salt to taste
Few chilies, slit into two
Heat oil and deep fry the wedges.
Drain and keep aside.
Heat oil add spring onions, saute for a minute.
Add sugar, soy sauce and salt.
Mix well .
Add the fried potatoes and chilies.
Mix and serve hot.

Indonesian Potatoes

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