BM # 26   Day 3

Ragda Pattice is a snack from Maharashtra, but very popular in Gujrat. I have faint memories of child hood when I visited my grandparents house in Mumbai. There was a old man , called Ganesh who sold these beautiful pattice. His way of preparing was a little different. Usually the dish has a patty and spiced white grams, with spicy, tangy and crunchy accompaniments. Ganesh’s way of preparing this was a little different he even added pav to the Ragda Pattice. Ever since I started making this dish, I always add pav to it and serve it as a complete meal. Looking at the way all the things are piled up, my friends call this dish”A Mountain”. Here is my version of Ragda Pattice for the third day of BM.

250 gms white peas, soaked overnight 
2 tomatoes, pureed 
1tsp cumin seed 
1tsp chilly ginger paste 
¼ tsp red chilly pwd 
½ tsp coriander pwd 
1tb sp mint and coriander chutney 
Salt to taste 
Boil the peas with salt and a pinch of turmeric pwd. 
Heat oil ,a dd cumin seed and tomato puree’. 
Saute’ and add the rest of the ingredients, along with the boiled peas. 
Mix well and add water to make a thin runny gravy. 
4 large potatoes 
1tb sp corn flour 
Pinch turmeric pwd 
Salt to taste. 
Mash the potatoes. 
Add corn flour, turmeric pwd and salt . 
Mix well and divide the mix into four balls. 
Flatten these and make like cutlets. 
Shallow fry.

Chopped onion 
Chaat masala 
Lemon juice 
Coriander leaves 

Optional garnishing’ s 
Chopped tomato 
Chopped beet root 
Pomegranate pearls 
Serving Style 
Cut a pav into two. 
Place the patty over the pav. 
Pour the gravy along with some peas. 
Put all the chutneys, onion and sev. 
Sprinkle chaat masala and drizzle lemon juice. 
Finally garnish with coriander leaves.

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Ragda Pattice / Potato Cakes with Lentils

25 thoughts on “Ragda Pattice / Potato Cakes with Lentils”

  1. I really want to make this right away or even better feel like taking a bite directly from the screen. i am a big street food fan and his one is totally amazing. Bookmarking the recipe. Will make it soon and let you know 🙂

  2. oooh, mmm, mouth-watering, seriously i love them so much, but i don't have a decent chat-corner nearby to enjoy these. Should start making @ home, my only fear being, the list of ingredients and the process involved!!!! 🙂

  3. I am reminded of my mom. I used to order only this from the chaat shop and she used to nudge me to try something different. 🙂 Am a big fan of this. Such a delicious dish. The plate looks cool. 🙂

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